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HR wall art installation involving over a thousand screws and many hours of stringing yarn.

2013 W+K Studio calendar was 2-color prints on coasters

Wiedenism printed onto tea towels for W+K Goodness

The many mottos of W+K

Wiedenism for our blog

Wiedenism for our blog

Globe Catalog

The City on Two Wheels

7 Wonder of Oregon

Inviting People to Explore the 33rd State


Creativity Behind the Best Bikes

Seek & Diverge

Take The Road Less Traveled

Gig Posters

Get Your Hands Dirty

The Wyatt

Thoughtful Luxury Development

Nike 6.0

Get Stoked

Tarmac SL6

Light as a Feather Stiff as a Board

Poler X Specialized

Mud Stylings from Poler


Side Projects


One-offs & Side Hustles

Coke Summer


Roval Wheels

High Flying Mountain Wheels

Natural Spaces

Adventures Along the Beautiful West Coast


Holiday Campaign

Cyclocross Crusade

2017 Season Snaps